Conor McGurk Cup 2018-19

December 18th, 2018 | Conor McGurk, Featured Homepage News, Hurling

The 2018-19 Conor McGurk Cup was launched last week with representatives from the six participating teams present at the Newark Room in Queen’s. Paula McGurk spoke of Conor’s love of hurling and its central role in his short life. Oliver Galligan, vice-chair of the Ulster Council, welcomed the participants and emphasised the importance of the competition in the promotion of hurling around Ulster.

After the opening fixtures were rained out on Saturday, UUJ got the competition off to a belated start with an emphatic victory over Armagh. Queen’s take on Down at the Dub on Tuesday 18th December, throwing in at 7.30pm.


Conor McGurk Cup

QUB, UU, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh & Tyrone   

All games to be played at Upper Malone (Extra time to be played in Final)

Section A:   UU, Armagh & Tyrone

Section B:   QUB, Down & Fermanagh


15th Dec (Sat) Round 1

Section A: UU V Armagh (played Monday 17th Dec)

Section B:  QUB V Down (played Tuesday 18th Dec)


29th Dec (Sat) Round 2

Section A: Armagh V Tyrone

Section B:  Down V Fermanagh

5th Jan (Sat)   Round 3

Section A: UU V Tyrone

Section B:  QUB V Fermanagh


12th Jan (Sat)      Final (7.00pm)


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