Sean O’Neill GAA Academy

Queen’s Sporting Academies offer over 100 scholarships across various sports every year. The Academy scholarships scheme allow athletes to enhance their Academic and Sporting performance.

Applications for the 2014/15 GAA Academy may be submitted via the link on the right of this page:

GAA Academy 2014

For the 2014/15 Academic year there will be 16 full GAA Academy scholarships awarded. Each of the successful applicants will begin the year with the opportunity to earn a final support level of gold, silver & bronze – based on performance within the Academy programs and for their University Club & team.

Each full Academy member across all sports can gain access to the following:-

 ·         Full membership of the Queen’s PEC at Botanic and full access to Upper Malone Sports Complex

·         Personal, Game/Sport Specific Athletic development programs

·         Personalised S&C coaching and exclusive access to the Strength and Conditioning suite at Upper Malone

·         Physiotherapy / Sports Medicine support and Sports Education workshops

·         Firstbeat Technology sports science support for fitness testing, performance analysis and recovery monitoring

·         Academic flexibility with respect to authorised absence for competition, assessment deadlines, examinations

           and course duration

·         A range of bespoke Queen’s Sport Academy clothing

·         Academic, Lifestyle and Career mentoring

·         Performance Analysis Feedback

·         Opportunity to avail of Queen’s Sport Adult Activity Course and Class Programme, including yoga, pilates, etc.

·         Bespoke, personal Sports nutrition advice & supplements where applicable

·         Degree Plus Accreditation (Route A) upon full completion of Academy Programme

·         Exclusive Membership of Queen’s Sport Personal Development Programme (A.I.M)

·         Financial support of up to £1,000 per annum based on representative honours

Bursary Support

In addition to the staff, facility & programs support listed, athletes will avail of bursary support as follows:

Gold status – £1000

Silver status – £500

Bronze Status – £250

*Additional club & Past Member bursaries will be awarded at season end.


Elite Athlete Program

 Since the University’s foundation, sport has played an important and integral part in the Queen’s student experience. The University’s long tradition of sporting excellence has co-existed with the academic excellence for which Queen’s is internationally renowned.

The collective aim is to restore the true values of Queen’s and what it means for our students to learn, play and excel in academia and sport. We believe the skills gained from both can prepare graduates to meet new challenges. Leadership, attitude, commitment, mental toughness, character, communication, respect, teamwork are just some of the qualities we hope you foster from your involvement in sport at Queen’s.

The new Elite Athlete Programme (EAP) aims to create the right sporting and academic environment for high achieving students to reach their potential. The new programme has been established to attract sporting scholars placing academia and sporting ambition together in equal measure at Queen’s University Belfast. The overall package per annum is worth up to £10,000 per student and is designed to support the athlete throughout their time studying at Queen’s.

Some of the major benefits will include:

·         £3,000 contribution towards fees

·         Up to £3,000 contribution towards accommodation, international competition and support aids

·         Personalised Strength & Conditioning coaching

·         Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Support

·         Individual Academic Support and Career advice

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